A Mountain Alphabet Book


Welcome to a journey of discovery through the magnificent mountains of Western North America.

A black bear browsing on berries, a moose in the morning mist, a wold walking through a winter wonderland.

Each of the twenty-six paintings is dedicated to a letter of the alphabet. Young readers are invited to search each painting for animals and plants whose names start with the same letter and to find the letter of the alphabet hidden in each picture.

Each painting captures a special mountain mood – snowcapped peaks towering above emerald lakes, maples flashing red and gold through dark pines, wildflowers covering slopes like lace. Margriet Ruurs’s lyrical text and useful notes, combined with the breathtaking paintings of Andrew Kiss, make this book as informative as it is beautiful.

Both author Margriet Ruurs and artist Andrew Kiss have lived in the mountains from the Yukon to the Cariboo to California. Their obvious love for the mountains and all the plants and animals that live there invites the explorer in each of us to feel the magic of this great wilderness.

When We Go Camping


What could be more fun than a day of camping? In this beautifully illustrated book, one busy family finds lots to do from sunup to sunset. There´s wood to chop for the campfire and fish to catch. Then it´s time to go exploring, climb rocks, splash in the lake, and discover animals in the shadows of the woods. As afternoon turns to evening, there´s supper to prepare. Storytelling around the campfire ends a perfect day.

This delightful book is as instructive as it is enjoyable. A squirrel and other animals are hidden in each painting, and a useful legend introduces readers to the wildlife and their tracks.

When We Go Camping is a perfect way to preserve summer memories all year long.

Wild Babies


A gorgeous introduction to wildlife families that features breathtaking art full of hidden surprises for young readers.

The lively alliterative text in Wild Babies describes raccoon kits, otter pups, loon chicks, wolf cubs and more.Share the joy as these adorable babies learn to navigate their world of forests, mountains, or lakes. A legend helps to identify objects hidden in each painting, while detailed notes provide added information for budding naturalists.

The perfect book for summer campers, and for armchair campers too.

Cool Woods


The boreal forest is the last great forest wilderness on the earth. It drapes across the subarctic right around the world. It pervades our myths and folklore. It provides us with wood and water.It freshens the air we breathe. Jane Drake, Ann Love and Andrew Kiss take the reader on an unforgettable journey around the world to view the boreal forest. They show the reader the seasons in the bush, the science and myth of wolves, the life cycle of the woods. From the Siberian Taiga, where tigers and sika deer live, to the Old Worlds forest of Norway, from the Boreal Shield of North America to the birch forests of Northwest Russia, we are introduced to a region of incredible importance. Despite our reliance on it, we have placed the “lungs of the earth” under siege with clear-cutting, acid rain, and even radioactivity. Cool Woods is not only informative and beautiful, but it is a call to action to anyone who cares about our planet.